About Kinderwood Nursery

Kinderwood Nursery offers a warm, safe nurturing environment for children to grow and develop. We are committed to providing the very best for children. The nursery follows British National Childcare Standards in all practices, constantly updating our policies based on current requirements. We believe children grow into confident individuals in a loving environment.

Kinderwood Nursery provides an Integrated Early Years program based on Multiple Intelligence. We promote the social, cognitive, physical and emotional development of every child. The program supports each child’s learning through planned experiences and activities that are challenging but achievable. We believe that each and every child is special and our practitioners ensure that every child’s needs are being met through high quality play that is tailored to them, so that they develop at their own pace, having fun and learning as they play.

Our nursery provides unwavering stability through our well-qualified and experienced teachers who take time to know you and your child. Our practitioners continually update their professional qualifications ensuring that they are always providing the ‘Best Practice’ for our children. To get a real insight into our nursery, please contact the nursery to book a tour


Our Vision

Provide learning and childcare of the highest quality within a fun and stimulating environment.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide exceptional care to children while fostering each child’s intellectual, social, physical and emotional development in a nurturing and play-based environment, maximising individual potential and ensuring children are well equipped to meet the challenges of learning and life.

Our Beliefs

  • The first five years of a child’s life are the most important.
  • Parents are the child’s first educators – we work in partnership with parents to ensure the best possible outcome for each child.
  • Quality is the key – it’s the quality of what we do together that allows each child to work at their own pace in reaching their full potential.

Our Philosophy

  • To aspire to the highest internationally recognised child care standards.
  • To foster whole-child development, including problem-solving skills, empathy, respect, independence, self-esteem, self-concept and confidence.
  • To recognise and accept the uniqueness of each child and permit development in ways that is natural for every child.
  • To build Key person relationships that supports personalised learning and development outcomes for children.
  • To make age appropriate guidelines the centre of all decisions on children.
  • To build and celebrate a culture based on internationalism.
  • To enable staff to become life-long learners through the development of their professional practice

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