Our curriculum is based on the Multiple Intelligence principle of Dr. Howard Gardner. The theory of multiple intelligences proposes that each individual has a unique combination of intelligences through which he or she is able to learn new information. Although each human has all nine identified intelligences, no two individuals have the same amount of each. Each individual possesses a unique blend of all the intelligences.

This approach provides a framework to identify how children learn; to build on their strongest assets; to help them become more intelligent by exposing them to a variety of ways of learning; to better individualise for their interests and needs; and to use teaching strategies that make learning more efficient, successful, and enjoyable for all children. We can foster meaningful learning experiences by using multiple teaching tools and strategies and by building positive, supportive relationships with children.

In Kinderwood Nursery, we believe each and every child is unique. Along with the MULTIPLE INTELLIGENCE principle, we focus on the important areas of learning for Early Years to offer an integrated holistic learning program, where independent learning, curiosity and enthusiasm are developed. We provide children with experiences that are practical and hands-on. The children are presented with activities that are suitable for their needs and stage of development and which take account of their particular interests and learning needs. The program aims to produce confident, independent thinkers and problem solvers. By learning through play, discovering and investigating, communicating and sharing with others and enjoying creative expression and practical activities, we intend to build on the child’s natural curiosity so that he or she will develop into an eager and successful learner.

Early Years Learning

Early Years is a very important stage for children’s development. Research shows that 90% of a child’s brain development happens before they turn 5.  Between 0 and 5, a child’s brain undergoes an amazing transformation, making connections at the fastest rate. In Kinderwood Nursery, we build on these formative years by providing children the powerful opportunity to develop through cooperative play and active learning. Warm, trusting relationships with knowledgeable practitioners support children’s learning. Babies and young children develop in individual ways and at varying rates. We are committed to ensuring that we comply with age-appropriate learning and developmental goals. Each area of child’s development is monitored through ongoing observation and assessment, enabling practitioners to carefully plan and to take into consideration each child’s interests and progress.

Baby Units

At Kinderwood Nursery, we have two dedicated baby units which cater to babies from 2 months to 24 months. Your baby can safely play, eat, and sleep in a secure yet stimulating environment. We understand babies’ needs and will work closely with you to ensure we are providing everything on your child requires throughout their day in the nursery. You will see daily charts of eating schedules, toileting, sleep duration, activities and any other information that you as the parent would wish to know. Our nurse ensures health and safety standards are being met.

The Wider Context

Working in partnership with other settings and other professionals, supports children’s development and progress towards the outcomes of Every Child Matters: being healthy, staying safe, enjoying and achieving, making a positive contribution and economic well-being.