Programmes we offer

  • Health, Safety and Security

    Kinderwood nursery believes that the health, safety and security of children are of paramount importance. Our premises provide a secure environment. We follow a general hygiene policy and our nurse ensures that toys and resources for children’s use are appropriately maintained and cleaned regularly by staff and that the environment, both indoors and outdoors, is kept clean and safe for the children.

    The Nursery has several Policies and Procedures in place which include all aspects of Child Health, Safety and Protection. These Policies and Procedures are available to parents on the Online Education Management Portal. Some guidelines we follow:


  • We use an automated door system along with an intercom.
  • CCTV cameras are present within the nursery building but are for internal use only.
  • The nurse conducts regular safety assessments. She will identify any dangers she may see in and out of the nursery building and check on children's health.
  • Children are only released into the care of individuals named by the parent when prior notice is given, after verification with identification card.
  • All staffs are trained in paediatric first aid and emergency.
  • Monthly fire drills are conducted to create awareness among children and refresh procedures to be followed in case of emergency.
  • The nursery has an infection control policy in place in order to reduce and minimize the spread of illnesses in the nursery.
  • We follow age appropriate staff to child ratio.
  • Children use individual baby cots and beddings.
  • The nursery follows a ‘healthy eating’ policy and all classes are nut, chocolate and crisp free.
  • Parents need to remain vigilant about safety when dropping and collecting their children from nursery.
  • Parents are advised to drive slowly and carefully in the nursery proximity and within the car park area.